Kinesio Tapes

Ever since it started gaining visibility on the bodies of Olympic and professional athletes, many people have been curious about the possible benefits of this colorful straps called kinesiology tape, or kinesio tape for short.

The Kinesio Taping technique was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase in Japan more than 25 years ago. Dr. Kase began searching for a sports taping method which could assist in the healing of traumatized tissue and muscles. The idea:

With the tapes the top layer of skin should be lifted a little. This allows blood to flow more quickly to the injured area of the body, which helps it to heal faster.
Today, Kinesio Tapes have become an indispensable part of the everyday life of athletes and therapists. The colored tapes are hip, but do they really deliver what they promise?

The tapes can – properly applied – achieve good effects. Depending on the technique, you can achieve more joint stability, muscle relaxation, pain relief, and support movement and increase confidence. However, tape alone is usually not enough to resolve complaints: Sometimes you have to additionally treat a joint, stretch muscles or mobilize nerves. And most important: tape is not a substitute for proper injury treatment and thorough rehab.

The popularity of kinesiology tape grew and spread worldwide because of its clinical effectiveness for pain relief and performance enhancement, not because of scientific evidence, which are still rather vague. But grandmother’s honey milk has not really scientific evidence either and has been helping us sleep for years.

If you would like to try out these colorful tapes please contact me, I’m RockDoc certified, and I am also happy to help with a thorough rehab of musculoskeletal issues.

Published by ammann05

I'm a soft tissue therapist, a pilates instructor, family manager (two girls, a husband and a dog), event planner, travel agent, taxi driver, chef, baker, runner, tennis player, swim, football and rowing mum, blogger, photographer, artist, shopping genius, stand up paddler, traveler, life lover, ... Originally Swiss, from summer 2015 to summer 2018 we lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. The move to the US was a big and successful adventure for our family. We loved the American way of life and it was hard to leave after three years. Our home base for our new adventure is Linton, a village in rual Cambridgeshire close to Cambridge UK. I always loved to travel and explore new countries and cultures. With the opportunity to live for a couple of years abroad a dream came true.

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