Top 5 Recovery Tips

Are you in training for you first or fifteenth marathon? Or are you competing in the London to Brighton cycle challenge, tackle the three peak challenge, working hard for the next bumps race or trying to improve your time at the next park run? Either way, I’m sure you’re working hard, giving your best and will have an amazing day. 

After you crossed the finish line or simply after a training session too, please don’t forget to take care of your most important piece of equipment: your body!

1. Hydrate well
I’m sure you already know this! It’s super important to drink enough WATER before, if possible, during and after your activity. Regardless of if it’s hot or cold, fluid loss is a major factor in any sport activity. Stay hydrated especially now during the summer months!

2. Cool down and stretch
Even though it’s time to celebrate and all your mates are at the pub already, take a couple of minutes to cool down and give your body time to reset. Make sure you stretch the major muscle groups and allow your breath to calm down. Make this to a habit after every sport activity, believe me it will pay off!

3. Refuel 
Take an after-race snack even if you don’t feel like eating and then a proper meal that contains carbohydrates, proteins, and fats between 1 to 2 hours after the activity. Like this you give your body the nutrients it needs to replenish and refuel.

4.Take a bath
Cold or hot? This topic is highly controversial and begs enough material for a post of its own. Cold can reduce inflammation and swelling, ease pain and speed up recovery. On the other hand, heat loosens and relaxes muscles, increases circulation, and relaxes the whole body. Try out what works best for you and if you’re unsure: put your legs in an ice bucket or take a cold shower after racing and finally relax in a warm bath before going to bed.

5. Last but not least: get a massage!
Massage is not just a luxury for top athletes but support everyone to be their best! Massage increases blood flow, it releases tight and overworked muscles, it restores joint mobility, reduces tension in general, and promotes relaxation. Only to mention some benefits. If you would like further information or book an appointment:

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I'm a soft tissue therapist, a pilates instructor, family manager (two girls, a husband and a dog), event planner, travel agent, taxi driver, chef, baker, runner, tennis player, swim, football and rowing mum, blogger, photographer, artist, shopping genius, stand up paddler, traveler, life lover, ... Originally Swiss, from summer 2015 to summer 2018 we lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. The move to the US was a big and successful adventure for our family. We loved the American way of life and it was hard to leave after three years. Our home base for our new adventure is Linton, a village in rual Cambridgeshire close to Cambridge UK. I always loved to travel and explore new countries and cultures. With the opportunity to live for a couple of years abroad a dream came true.

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