The risks of getting injured while sitting.

Yes, you read right, it doesn’t have to be always a sport activity that causes our musculoskeletal system to groan. Sitting-based jobs have increased over the past several decades through the increasing dependence on computers. More people than ever are spending their working day sitting at a desk in front of a computer in various office settings. Even so office jobs don’t pose the same sort of acute injury risks that other more labor-intensive jobs do, they still contribute a lot to health problems. Int the UK 470,000 workers were suffering from work-related musculoskeletal disorders in 2020/2021. Sitting at desks, often staring at computer screens, all day is not good for the human musculoskeletal system. The two most vulnerable areas of the body are the neck and upper limbs (45%) and the back (39%).

While slips, trips, or falls during the office day are mostly bad luck or poor risk management, a lot of the musculoskeletal issues (stiffness or pain from joints and the inability to straighten/bend those joints as well as muscle issues like aches and pains, tenderness, stiffness, tingling, numbness, or cramps) can be prevented because most of them are a result of overuse. There are many ways to help, often a combination of them leads to the best results.  

⭐️ Have regular breaks: try to get a short break every hour and combine it with movement and drinking water

⭐️Improve your posture while sitting: Keep your computer monitor at eye level so your head doesn’t tilt, check your shoulders regularly, don’t slouch, pull them slightly back, and smile with your collarbone, and rest your feet flat on the ground, don’t cross your ankles or legs.

⭐️Stretch: think about cats or dogs, they stretch every time when they get up, without plan or timer. If it feels nice – they carry on. If it hurts, they stop. There are some great simple stretches that can be performed close to your desk. Doing these a few times daily can help counteract the negative effects of sitting all day.

⭐️Strengthen your core with postural exercises. Get advice from a health professional who can show you some strength exercises to help you maintain good posture. It’s not so simple to just tell yourself to sit up straight. As with any sport, hobby, or skill, having good posture requires some training and conditioning. 

⭐️Get a Massage: Massage and Active Release Techniques are proven to reduce muscle tension, relieve muscle pain and tightness, reduce stress, and increase blood circulation as well as enhance body awareness.

Getting a massage with some regularity can go a long way in helping you prevent and manage pain and injury. Give me a call or send me a message. I’m happy to help with a skilled massage adapted to your needs or the necessary strengthening exercises.

Published by ammann05

I'm a soft tissue therapist, a pilates instructor, family manager (two girls, a husband and a dog), event planner, travel agent, taxi driver, chef, baker, runner, tennis player, swim, football and rowing mum, blogger, photographer, artist, shopping genius, stand up paddler, traveler, life lover, ... Originally Swiss, from summer 2015 to summer 2018 we lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. The move to the US was a big and successful adventure for our family. We loved the American way of life and it was hard to leave after three years. Our home base for our new adventure is Linton, a village in rual Cambridgeshire close to Cambridge UK. I always loved to travel and explore new countries and cultures. With the opportunity to live for a couple of years abroad a dream came true.

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