Be active – feel good

Stiff joints in the morning, pain when picking something up from the floor, and sitting cross-legged doesn’t really work anymore… as we grow older, it’s even more important to take care of ourselves and to not let the natural effects of aging impact our quality of life.

Getting older can slow our bodies down, stiffness and pain in joints as well as stress, fatigue or chronic conditions can make it difficult to keep up with the activities we love to do. However, staying physically active is vital because regular exercises improve mobility, flexibility and even your mental health.

Massage therapy can support you in staying active and offers numerous benefits to the entire body. It helps ease joint and muscle pain, can reduce the increased levels of stress that tend to come with aging, supports a better night’s sleep and it helps to improve the overall well-being. 

Don’t let aging stop you enjoying your life.  I’m happy to help you with a skilled massage, adapted to your needs. Give me a call or send a message. In the meantime:

🔹keep moving, walk to the grocery store, leave the bus a station earlier and walk home, meet a friend for a walk around the meadow

🔹physical activities maintain mobility: walking, cycling, swimming, pilates, dancing, …

🔹Stay hydrated, try to drink 1.5 liters of water a day

🔹Stay curious and social engaged: start a new hobby, visit a museum or theater, visit the next quiz night – keep not only your body busy but your brain too

🔹Enjoy, life is too short not to enjoy as much of it as you can

Published by ammann05

I'm a soft tissue therapist, a pilates instructor, family manager (two girls, a husband and a dog), event planner, travel agent, taxi driver, chef, baker, runner, tennis player, swim, football and rowing mum, blogger, photographer, artist, shopping genius, stand up paddler, traveler, life lover, ... Originally Swiss, from summer 2015 to summer 2018 we lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. The move to the US was a big and successful adventure for our family. We loved the American way of life and it was hard to leave after three years. Our home base for our new adventure is Linton, a village in rual Cambridgeshire close to Cambridge UK. I always loved to travel and explore new countries and cultures. With the opportunity to live for a couple of years abroad a dream came true.

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